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COPY CUSTARD MEMBERSHIP: Kickstart Your Career with Sweet & Satisfying Answers to Your Copywriting Questions

P.S.P. French
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Copy Custard is a growing catalog of videos with personalized advice to guide you out of freelance confusion and towards healthy paychecks.

Brought to you from a copywriter deep in the game. . .

And by "the game" I mean "my bedroom"

Welcome to a WORLD first:

DIRECT access to someone who can QUICKLY boot up his Sony RX100 camera, screw it to the top of his Amazon Basics tripod, chuck his kids' toys out of camera shot, take a swig of hot coffee, and film an answer to YOUR burning question, saving you hours poring through the masses of generic, outdated and played-out advice that is the very reason you're stuck in the first place.

So you want to "gO cOpYWriTinG?!"

The internet's magical algorithms are very good at showing you more of what it thinks you want. If you've shown interest in copywriting, you're going to get hammered with untold buckets of copywriting content.

Not all of that content is great (or even good)

Sureat first, it's new and fun. Then it's thick and a little heavy. And before long you're flapping around drowning yourself with a thousand different email lists.

This does 2 TERRIBLE things:

1) Makes you feel the world is FULL of other copywriters

2) Confuses you with the sheer VOLUME of advice

Copy Custard is the sweet and satisfying relief you need

Because once inside, you're not just benefiting from the smart questions of those who've come before you. But also the open invitation to send me your copywriting questions.

No inquiry is too big or too small.

As the weeks and months go by, you will absorb new knowledge from fresh questions and insights. Unlike a course that is frozen in time, this is a living breathing resource you can stick in your browser bookmarks.

Here's what's already inside:

  • The 3 copywriting books I recommend every beginner read
  • How much effort to put in before reaching out to clients
  • How to practice copywriting when English isn't your first language
  • What to charge as a beginner (and whether to focus on a niche or a service)
  • Why the quickest way to find people paying professional rates for copy is not the best way
  • How to avoid the copywriting service most likely to be replaced by AI
  • The two most powerful levers to pull when doing cold outreach
  • Step-by-step instructions for "The Mirror Strategy" to persuade e-com brands to let you write copy for them
  • The sacred slot in my calendar that keeps the client flow humming. This is a counter-intuitive lesson from the start-up world. It's easier to understand than to execute, but I describe how to make it part of your business starting now
  • How to run a sales call when it's a niche you don't have much experience in
  • The secret mentality you need for writing quality copy day in, day out
  • How to assess the concept of worldbuilding from a copywriter’s perspective: Guest Answer from @MERCVRE!
  • The best 2 offers for coaches
  • What to do if the client you want to work for already has a copywriter
  • The number #1 reason that stops people from copywriting success
  • What to do if you don't have a portfolio yet (and the best way to create one)
  • How to set up email lists for clients. PLUS: The delicious opportunity this represents, designing the thing, the software to use, and what to charge
  • WHERE your focus should go on a day-to-day basis
  • The best way to secure quick cash jobs
  • How to study the trap, not the cheese
  • What copywriting is really all about
  • Plus a new video every week
  • And your questions answered
  • By ME.

Who am I in 4 short sentences:

  1. My first name is Paul and my surname is French.
  2. I trained as a journalist, wrote for magazines in London, and was then hired for marketing roles at technology startups in Berlin.
  3. I ditched the 9-5 and made a successful switch to freelance copywriting 3 years ago.
  4. My story is not nearly as interesting as my results so there are a few testimonials at the bottom of the page.

Before you click "Subscribe" . . .

One of my all-time favorite philosophies is from Marcelo Garcia, the 5x Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion:

"If you’re studying my game, you’re entering my game. And I’ll be better at it than you."

My game has been to try and identify who would be good to work with, or where I would learn the most. The experience I have collected along the way is what Copy Custard contains.

If you prefer a different game or want to pin your hopes on me without taking into account the role of your own motivation, work ethic, and willingness to try new things, you should look elsewhere.

But if you're someone who takes your career seriously, wants to learn deep skills, craft your own offers, build long-term relationships, and understand the world and its power dynamics on a level that frankly should not be freely available on Gumroad for $5 . . .

Then you might be ready for the custard.

Then again you might not.

Life's funny like that.

If you ARE ready?
Click the "Subscribe" button.
There are LIMITED slots each month.

“Paul taps into the customer’s mind like a therapist. He’s got something you can’t just buy or learn. You can see and feel he’s put the reps in. I couldn’t have been happier with how things went. As far as I’m concerned, Paul’s the only copywriter that matters in the online world.”
Parker Worth, The Digital Storyteller

"Paul wrote the indoctrination sequence to my personal brand's newsletter. He really took the time to learn more about me, and recreate my voice for the email sequence. His work has resulted in consistent 5-figure months since the launch of the newsletter. Would highly recommend him for any sales and marketing matters for your business."
John Constas, Kinesiologist & Lifestyle Optimizer

"I had the pleasure of working with Paul as a direct response copywriter and can confidently recommend him for any projects related to the marketing funnel. In particular, Paul was able to improve our email open rates, doubling them in some cases. His ability to craft compelling and persuasive copy helped us to drive more conversions."
Jakub Michalski, Marketing & Community, AJ&Smart

“Paul re-worked my indoctrination sequence and as far as testing goes, I’m sold – I’ve already got a +20% jump in revenue. So glad we worked together and can’t wait to see what comes when I start promoting the email list.”
JK Molina, Tweets & Clients

“Paul is an excellent copywriter. The kind that does the research legwork so his writing never sounds like a formula. He delivers emotionally charged copy, on time, and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”
Oliver Cantin, Co-founder, and CEO, B1 Strategy

“Paul took what was a time-consuming and increasingly difficult task out of my hands and turned it into one of the strongest aspects of my business. So much so, that I regularly thank myself for choosing to work with him. He can accurately identify the energy I want to give off and then tunes it far better than I or anyone else could have – in turn actually creating a voice for the brand that never even existed before.”
Sami Loyal, 100K YouTuber

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You're getting 3 things: Instant access to a suite of videos, a new video every week and a direct line to ask Paul anything.


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COPY CUSTARD MEMBERSHIP: Kickstart Your Career with Sweet & Satisfying Answers to Your Copywriting Questions

11 ratings