Sleep Like a Lion

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The Sleep You Love to Get!

A wake-up call as finely concentrated as a line of pure Colombian blow, this is your guide to enhancing your intelligence, hormones, immunity, athletic performance, and powers of persuasion.

The truth is, you are twice as good as you think you are. The difference between average sleep and awesome sleep comes down to micro-adjustments to your daily life. Discover how to organize your day to generate elite levels of quality sleep, giving you the rare ability to maintain it while those around you are left fumbling in the dark.

Here are just a few of the secrets inside:

  • The mysterious “vampire hormone” that will derail even the most diligent bedtime routines, and how to make it work for, not against you.
  • A ridiculously simple, free way to give your body the best possible start to the day.
  • The one thing to improve your sleep that is valued above all others by the world’s most esteemed sleep expert.
  • The small change you can make to your daily routine that gets the author 10% more restorative sleep every single time he does it.
  • Exactly how the hormonal equation of sleep works and how to pick the supplements that are guaranteed to piggyback on this process and trigger amazing sleep.
  • The exciting technologies that the smartest people in the world are using to optimize deep sleep, night after night.
  • The surprisingly simple truth about caffeine, and how to calculate precisely how much you should be drinking.
  • The mistake nearly 50% of the world makes every single day.
  • A powerful (but completely legal and natural) technique developed by the U.S. military during World War II for falling asleep in under two minutes.

And the best part?

The techniques inside work so fast that you can read it today and see results in your life as soon as tomorrow morning.

My man Ed Latimore described it like this:

“Very quick. No bullshit. Lots of solid actionable advice.”

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Sleep Like a Lion

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